Tell Us What You Stand For

Once again Bernard Grech has failed to deliver as the Nationalist Party did not give any reaction to the public consultation regarding the laws that regulate the use of cannabis. This is proof that the Opposition Leader does not take decisions and that citizens do not know where they stand with him. During the past weeks, various entities and individuals in the country gave their own reactions as a part of the public consultation. Many gave different opinions, all of which are to be respected and considered as part of the exercise that the government is doing in yet another courageous reform that is fulfilling. Amongst those who put forward their position there was also the Labour Party.

The Labour Party believes that cannabis users are not criminals and therefore should not be treated as such; thus, a person who uses cannabis should not be arrested and end up in prison for personal possession. Being a party in government requires taking tough decisions even if you know that not everyone will side with you. In contrast to the Labour party who has taken a stand on the matter, till this day the Nationalist party led by Bernard Grech has remained in total silence. No one knows what Bernard Grech’s opinion is as he has not given any reaction to this public consultation. During the months since he became the opposition leader, we have heard Bernard Grech saying that he would have done many things differently than the Prime Minister, but he has never said how. The public consultation gives him an excellent opportunity to take a stand and tell us what he thinks.

Bernard Grech said that he wants the country to come out of the pandemic so that we can go for an election. He aims to become Malta’s next Prime Minister but being a Prime Minister means taking a stand and making tough decisions. Yet, he fails to do so as he remains silent since he lacks the courage to take decisions and give proposals. He prefers to stand aside and watch our actions and people’s reactions because he knows that once he gives his opinion like we did, not everyone will agree with him. Thus, he doesn’t want to risk losing votes for taking a stand on the cannabis reform. The Labour Party is not perfect but at least we have the courage to stick to what we believe and act. We always stand for what we believe is right and we believe that a person should not be treated as criminal and go to prison for being a cannabis user. With the Labour Party unlike with the Nationalist party people know where they stand.

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