Glenn Bedingfield (born 15 November 1974, Pietà, Malta) is a Member of the Parliament of Malta and Government Whip.


Bedingfield was one of the first journalists that in 1991 joined the newly set up Super One Radio and Super One Television, owned by the Labour Party. As an investigative political journalist Bedingfield won the 2002 Journalist of the Year award for broadcast TV. He produced controversial and investigative media programs, as well as publishing three investigative books on the relationship between crime and politics, the first of which landed Bedingfield in court when criminal proceedings were initiated against him by the Nationalist Government of the time. The case caused a public uproar during its first sitting and was not pursued further by the government.

  • Il-Ġurament: incurred the wrath of then Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami, who took Bedingfield to court for libel.
  • Il-Ħbieb Tal-Ħbieb
  • Il-Proklama, in reference to the three presidential pardons Joseph Fenech (Zeppi l-Ħafi) was granted by the Fenech Adami administration, is a collection of the case reports in which prime suspect Meinrad Calleja was found not guilty of having commissioned Joseph Fenech to carry out the murder of Cachia Caruana.

Bedingfield is currently serving as the Chairman of the Kottonera Foundation.


Bedingfield came to the Labour Party fold at the start of the 90s after a journalistic stint with Bay Radio, when he joined One Productions Ltd, Labour’s media venture. Since then, he has been involved in politics at district level and he was as a member of the youth section of the Labour Party, the Labour Youth Forum (Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti) where he served as General Secretary (1996–1997). Between 1997 and 2001, he was elected member in the Labour Party national executive. Bedingfield was one of four candidates chosen by Labour Party delegates during an extraordinary general conference held on 18 November 2003. Back then, MEP candidates had to win 70 per cent of valid votes from delegates during the conference. The other chosen MEP candidates were John Attard Montalto, Louis Grech, and Joseph Muscat.

Bedingfield was elected as a Member of the European Parliament and successor of Joseph Muscat, who relinquished his seat to become Opposition Leader in the House of Representatives. Elected on the first count with 62% of the votes, adding to nearly 20,000 votes, Bedingfield surpassed of the votes. Another 1% of votes were non-transferable. After spending couple of months as a Member of the European Parliament, he lost his position in the MEP elections by 4,982 votes, amounting to 3.67% of Labour votes, or 1.96% of the total votes.

Bedingfield contested successfully the local general elections in 2017 and was elected in the Maltese Parliament. Since January 2020, Bedingfield has been serving as a Government Whip.







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